Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Wednesday 3/6/13

It seems that as long as I keep my knee in a compression sleeve it will behave a little more civilized.  I got a short 3 miler in yesterday morning and did not wear the prop, my knee disliked everything about what we were doing almost the whole time.  I wore it last night to class and was much better.  In fact, Vince attempted to kill me last night!  I have been attending morning classes for so long that I have not been privy to a real bonafide Vince class in a while.  I forgot how much fun they are! 

So, my 3 miler yesterday morning was a cold, slow one.  I went out early (6:00am) because we were suppose to get some snow yesterday and the wind was suppose to kick up.  We got the wind, but no snow as is typically for the Toledo area.  All bark, no bite.  Anyway, my knee was not very happy about the whole thing and I just couldn't seem to get a good pace.  Only 3 miles and it was still an 11 minute pace.  Oh well, better luck tomorrow.  I was suppose to do a 5K this weekend.  There were none in the area that I could attend.  I had intentions to go out and run 3 miles at race pace...but I didn't.  I'm not saying that I lazed around all weekend.  By no means would that ever happen considering all the things on my plate.  I got some good workouts in, just no running.  Time to strap it down and commit to finishing what I started.  Usually around 3/4 of the way through a training program I start to get distracted and bored and really don't want to keep up the discipline it takes to finish the program.  This is typical for me, I'm right on schedule with 7 weeks remaing before he race that has taken me since the end of October to train for.  I just gotta find the umph to push through a little further.  Then I'll be on to the next "big" thing in my life.

I am a layerer.  I have been layering my clothes for years to camouflage my unattractive girth.  I learned to layer using blousey shirts and cardigans a long time ago and that has basically been my style.  I also learned to wear muted colors as to not draw to much attention to myself.  Today, I was getting dressed in my usual fashion and went looking for my black cardigan to wear over a more form fitting top ( with some front pleats that effectively hide my still squishy belly).  I couldn't find my sweater.  I was getting frustrated until I looked in the mirror and began to realize that I didn't need the sweater today.  Then I decided to try on my heels with the skinny pants.  OMG, I can actually rock this look.  Instead of covering myself up today, I let it all show and I feel confident about who I  That confidence may wax and wane but for today, I have it and I am going to flaunt it!

Fat, unhealthy me (see the cigarette)                                              Thin, healthy me

It's been a crazy ride.  A lot of beginnings.  A lot of setbacks but eventually I have evolved into a person I can be proud of every single day.  I aspire to healthy and happy for many more years to come.

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