Sunday, October 28, 2012

No Carb Left Behind

Sunday 10/28/12

Yesterday my kids had a Halloween Party and somehow my willpower escaped me all day!  I ate like it was 1999.  I had cupcakes, graham crackers with frosting, chocolate, pizza, Carmel corn, cheese corn, much more coffee with flavored cream then I typically allow myself.  I even finished the macaroni and cheese that the kids had for lunch!  I feel super ugly about it today but I can't take it back so I just need to move forward.  /today is a new day and a new chance.

I traded my boxing gloves in for my running shoes today and went on a pre-training schedule run.  The weather is quickly slipping into a more wintery feel.  This morning, although the sun was shining, it was only 38 degrees outside and the winds were about 16mph.  I was kinda of dreading going out there but once I got out and starting moving I was energized.  I did 4 miles at a gentle pace in the low tens.  Just me, God, the elements and my iPod. 

Week 1 Playlist:
1. Darkside - Kelly Clarkson
2. Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts
3. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Trace Adkins
4. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
5. Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
6. No Easy Way Out - Robert Tepper
7. 19 Something - Mark Wills
8. Finally Found You - Enrique Iglesias
9. Little Smirk - Theory of A Deadman
10. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye - Train
11. Hands All Over - Maroon 5

My Run:
4.03 miles, 41:25, 10:17 pace, 386 calories burned.

My Food Intake:
Pre-run Meal: Coffee with Heathbar creamer, 2 pieces of low cal flax seed toast with fresh pressed roasted honey peanut butter and half a banana.

Post-run Meal:  2 eggs scrambles with spinach, onion, tomato and garlic; 1/3 protein shake with vanilla protein, almond milk and strawberries.

Snacks:  fun size heath bar, handful of Carmel popcorn, cup of green tea.
               2 (stupid) cupcakes!  (I tried to get rid of them but the soccer team didn't eat all of them)
               Honey crisp apple
               Coffee (at the soccer game)

Dinner:  Baked Pork Chop, Apple Raisin stuffing, steamed broccoli and cauliflower with Earth
              Balance, leftover coleslaw.

Dessert:  Brownie and a glass of Almond Milk

Not my best day ever, I will be super glad when Halloween is over!  Too much temptation, EVERYWHERE and God did not grace me with a whole lot of willpower. 

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