Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life Is Not A Test

Wednesday 10/31/12

So today I was in a venue where I was listening to someone share about a situation they had recently had and at the end the person stated that he thought he "passed that test."  That got me to thinking, life is not a test.  Life is a journey, an adventure.  It's not always to be taken so seriously.  Yes, there are serious things in life but overall, we are here to enjoy the gifts and bounty of this life.  So this is the approach I am going to take with my training.  It is an adventure.  Although there is a starting point and a finish line, it is the adventure in the middle that will make the finish line more enjoyable.

I did my usual crosstraining workout today at Extreme Results.  I also taught two Hot Yoga classes tonight.  Plenty of good movement and calorie burning.

Breakfast:  Protein shake with almond milk, blueberries, pineapple and 2 scoops of It Works Greens
Midmorning meal:  South Beach granola bar, dark chocolate.
Lunch: Herbalife shake
Midafternoon meal:  Herbalife shake
Late Dinner: tomato soup, grilled cheese, chips

It was a total unplanned day.  Due to an argument with my 12 year old this morning I was not able to plan ahead and simply did my best with what I could get my hands on.  Still better then other do on any given day.  Tomorrow, more vegetables! 

Gotta run, my computer's battery is about to die and I don't know where the power cord is.

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