Thursday, November 1, 2012

Downtown Decadence

Thursday 11/1/12

My favorite time of year is fall.  I love the crisp air, the rich colors, and the smell of burning leaves in the air.  I also love running when the air is cold and the wind is healthy.  I donned my Underarmor for the first time this season and set out to do one of my favorite things, run for lunch.  I am fortunate enough to A. Work downtown, close to the river and B. Have a job that is flexible enough that I can run for lunch.  While others are sitting in cramped cubicles eating a sodium laden Lean Cuisine and wondering why they can't meet there weight loss goals, or sitting in a local restaurant eating a fatty burger and fries; I am heading down to the river to spend 30 minutes with my favorite music, my favorite river and my favorite God.  Yep, I enjoyed every single step of the 3 miles I had the privilege to run today.  It's truly a shame that more people don't get out and enjoy the natural landscape of our downtown area.  I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon the decadence of our riverfront and get to enjoy a beautiful scenery every day that I choose to run on my lunch hour.
3:01 miles; 29:29; 9:48 pace; 289 cals
Breakfast:  Protein smoothie with coconut water, mango, pineapple, and 2 scoops of It Works Greens
Lunch: 1/2 pear, 1/2 Greek yogurt, salad with jalapenos, green peppers, tomatoes, red beans, avocado and light ranch dressing.
Afternoon meal: 1/2 apple and almond butter
Dinner: Fatoush, Tabbouleh, Spicy Chicken Kabob, Lubia, hummus, pita chips
Snack: Carmel corn (damn this Cub Scouts popcorn had to be gone soon!!!)  It's too good to resist.
Today was the first evening in the last two months that I haven't been working in some capacity.  It was nice to get to go to Book Club, get there on time, and be dressed in non-workout gear.  Book Club is another little indulgence that the nerd in me loves!  I love sitting around and discussing/debating contemporary literature.  I am not a writer by trade or by craft but the ability to capture people's imagination with words is a gift I have always wished I was given.
I hope everyone enjoys their evening and has a great Friday.  Thanks for following my journey.  

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