Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Tuesday 11/6/12

I have a terrible headache today that is basically affecting everything that I have done all day.  I managed to keep up with my schedule and get my training run in today but my head is definitely my biggest obstacle today.  I would like to be witty and sarcastic but I can't even think of a good election day comment.  My eyes burn, my jaw is clenched and I am having trouble focusing.  Not a good training (or non-training) day.  Ugh!  Sorry for the lame blog tonight.  Maybe I can make up for it tomorrow.

Breakfast: Protein shake with Formula 1, coffee, and vanilla protein.  Hot.  Didn't really like it and only drank about half of it.
Snack:  South Beach Bar and 800mgs of Ibuprofen
Lunch:  Oriental Chicken Salad.  They sent the wrong dressing, it was gross, even the oriental noodles were soggy.  Couldn't stomach much of it.  Double Ugh.
Snack: grapes, cheez its
Dinner:  Herbalife Wedding Cake shake (new club, didn't realize their version of wedding cake was chocolate...triple ugh, but I drank it because I was hungry and on my way to teach a double header of hot yoga).
Snack: peanuts, graham crackers.

Time for bed!  Let me start over tomorrow with less obstacles.  Today felt more like a Warrior Dash then a smooth road race.  Good night.

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