Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Update

Sunday 11/11/12

You probably think that I have been slacking but in reality I have just been
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly busy!  So I am going to take some time to update you on my whole weekend (I knew you'd be excited about that).  Right now I am sitting on the couch, for the first time all weekend with Sex In the City on the TV and an extremely engaging Nicholas Sparks book open next to me.  It is a middle-aged (but fighting every minute of getting older) woman's wet dream.  Home alone with romance on the TV and in black and white [age form.  I only wish I had a big glass of apple cider to go with it right now...sigh...

I'll get you up on my Friday.  Friday I got my ass handed to me by one Lindsay Bowman at the 6:00am class at extreme results!  I also started taking 24 Prepare prior to my workout that day which helped me keep up with Lindsay's unrelenting workout (love you Boo!).  I also had the opportunity to teach a most amazing hip opening class Friday evening.  Loved it!  Not sure everyone else did, but it felt great to me.

Friday's diet:
Preworkout:  Coffee, 24Prepare, It works Thermofit
Postworkout: 24Rebuild Endurance
Breakfast:  Protein smoothie with coconut water, 2 scoops PDM, 2 scoops It Works greens, mango, peach
Midmorning: banana, almond butter, carmel rice cake
Lunch:  Herbalife White Chocolate Reese's shake
Afternoon:  Graham crackers (of course, it's a new obsession)
Dinner: Grilled Chicken, roasted cauliflower, mixed vegetables, Earth balance soy butter spread

Saturday found me teaching a 75 minute hatha yoga class at Harmony In Life to start my day.  Then I got meet with a friend for a caffeinated beverage and an Extreme Birthday Party workout.  I also got to spend time with my 12 year old shopping at the mall and enjoying an afternoon/evening of not so light housecleaning. 

Saturday Workout:
Yoga 200ish calories
Extreme Results Workout 400ish calories (forgot my heart rate monitor).

Saturday's Diet:
Breakfast:  Coffee, Protein smoothie with coconut water, 2 scoops PDM, 2 scoops It Works greens, mango, strawberries
Midmorning: Tall Non-fat Salted Carmel Frappuccino
Preworkout:  24Prepare
Postworkout:  24Rebuild Endurance, and a post part workout cupcake (I couldn't say no, it was a party...cut me some slack).
Late Lunch: Herbalife Shake, plain
Dinner: 4 homemade tacos

Sunday started with teaching 2 hot yoga classes followed by a 4 mile run.  This was a training run so I had to practice the walk breaks with it today.  It was windy but warm.  A beautiful day to slow it down, settle in and enjoy the time with my feet, my breath and my music.  I logged about 500 calories in the yoga classes and 394 calories in you 4 mile run.  Boy did I free up some calories and it's a good thing too because I discovered candy cane oreos today...sigh...(I'm doomed).

Sunday's Diet:
Breakfast:  Coffee, protein smoothie with 2 scoops PDM, coconut water, 2 scoops It Works Greens, mango, strawberries (predictable, I know).
Post Yoga, Pr-run: 24 Prepare
Post run: 24Rebuild Endurance
Lunch:  Salted carmel Herbalife shake made with brewed coffee, sugar free-carmel, sea salt, vanilla F1 and PDM.
Early Dinner:  vegetarian Chili, crackers, Raisin bread, fresh grapes and blackberries.
Snack: Candy Cane Oreos (they are as good as they sound).

Most people in the criminal justice, governmental world have tomorrow off, but we were forced to give up tomorrow's holiday because our director decided that she wanted to have Christmas Eve off instead.  Now it is time to get the kids to get their stuff ready to start their new school tomorrow and time for me to get my stuff ready for the regular Monday  trip to Cleveland,

This is my last week of overcommitment.  Next week will find me back on a more regular schedule.  I am looking forward to that.  I think that I need more rest.  I didn't sleep well last night and probably will be feeling that tomorrow on my drive.

Highlight of the weekend was that my mom came for dinner today.  It is nice to spend time with her.  We live further apart now and my schedule is so tight that we rarely get to spend time together.  I am truly grateful for the time we do get to spend together.

Good night fellow bloggers, runners, and cheerleaders.

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