Friday, November 2, 2012

F is for Friday

Friday 11/2/12

This week at work was an experiment for me.  I am usually kind of the office grouch.  I don't really like to say good morning, I pretty much despise small talk and I have a very low tolerance for stupid...yes I am what you could call the office bully.  However, for whatever reason, the people that I struggle with the most are usually the ones that are doing double time effort to get on my good side.  My experiment this week was to be cordial and...wait for it comes...F R I E N D LY.  The beginning of the week was kind of hard, but as the week wore on I realized something, it is almost less tiresome to just be a little bit amendable to their ritualistic "good mornings" and coffee small talk.  Damn, I really wanted my bullyish kind of way to be easier but it's not.  I knew that and now I have to practice it.  Interesting lesson this week.  One I am not particularly overjoyed with but one that does conserve some energy that I can find a better use for with my training.

Cross training day, Extreme workout 59 minutes; 395 cals
                               Taught a 60 minute Hatha yoga class 140 cals

Breakfast: Shwedy balls Herbalife Shake
Mid morning meal: celery with goat cheese/almond butter
Lunch:  grape leaves, hummus, pita chips, tabbouleh, pear
Afternoon snack: Graham crackers, candy corn (the last bag is almost gone).
Dinner: Asian vegetable Olga, snackers, almond cheese, a few of Mark's curly fries.

A good Friday.  Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow...physically and mentally.  Time for some R&R and a couple of Rocky movies.

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