Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rock-n-Roll and quiet evenings

Thursday 11/8/12

Recently I have become the resident health consultant at my job and in other arenas.  I get asked questions about what to eat, how to work out, what motivates me...  It seems strange to me sometimes when I am in the position of fitness "expert."  Who knew that would ever be me.  My healthy lifestyle is relatively new.  It is even more shocking to me when I begin to hear myself speaking to them with confidence and facts.  I have a passion for wellness and wanting others to get that passion too.  What an amazing feeling to help someone get to their healthiest self.  Lovin' it! 

Some days you are just on fire. And today was one of them. I didn't realize it until just a few minutes ago, but I totally rocked today. I have these amazing friends in my life who motivate me everyday. They hold me accountable to my goals and push me to be my best. My early morning gym peeps are the reason that I show up everyday ready to sweat it out with them. They push me, I push them and we high five at the end of each class. Then there are these amazing people who I work with in my day job. They make me laugh, the inspire me and they allow me to teach them. My role in the workplace has taken on a new dimension as the new graduates begin to filter into our open positions putting me in a position of elder.

I put in my 30 minute fun today at lunch with my rockin playlist and had a awesome time with the sun, the river, and the tunes.  I also did my Extreme workout this morning with my favorite gym friends.  I also got to enjoy a quiet evening with my husband.  I relish that since it is the only evening off for 2 weeks.  I also got some new Herbalife 24 Products to add to to my regimen, starting tomorrow.  Totally stoked!

Breakfast:  Herbalife Shake - wedding cake flavor; banana
Midmorning: Rice cake with almond butter
Lunch: Black Bean salsa soup; chicken breast - grilled; peach
Afternoon: Sweet Hot pickles
Dinner: Panera You Pick Two - Chicken noodle soup, turkey harvest salad; whole grain baguette (only ate half of the baguette, didn't finish the salad or the soup), half a pastry (split with my hubby), 1/2 tall nonfat salted carmel mocha
Snack:  graham crackers, holiday grapes

Totally came in under calories today.  I rocked it all out today! 

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  1. You are awesome, and I an very grateful for all of the advise you give me through out the work day, keep up all of the good work!!!