Monday, November 19, 2012


Monday 11/19/12

I finished reading the book Wild today.  It was the story of one woman's journey up the Pacific Crest Trail.  I mentioned it in an earlier post but the deeper I got into the book, the more it resonated with me.  She walked that trail during the summer of 1996.  She was hitting an emotional and lifestyle bottom that prompted her to take the journey.  She healed from some significant losses on that trial.  During the summer of 1996 I was hitting my own bottom and on August 18, 1996 I entered a new life of my own (this date was also significant to the author of this book).  It really felt like I was connected to her grief and healing.  I am so grateful for the journey that I have already walked, literally and figuratively.  What an amazing strength that we have to heal ourselves, if only given the time and space to do so.  I am hoping for some more significant healing over the course of the next 6 months too.

My calf is still killing me today.  It is a weird kind of pain that I have not experienced before.  Not sure what it means and hoping it hurts less tomorrow.  I have a turkey to trot on Thursday.

Notice my food intake today.  Much better!  And I started taking the multi-vitamin, cell activator, aminogen, and cell-u-loss today.  I am gonna take this week by the reigns and rule it!

November 19, 2012


Coffee W/Cream - French Vanilla, 1 Tbsp376g2g0g0mg30mg6g0g
Blueberries - Raw, 0.25 cup215g0g0g0mg0mg4g1g
Generic - Banana , 100 grams8923g0g1g0mg1mg12g3g
Herbalife - Protein Drink Mix - Vanilla Rs, 2 Tablespoons1105g3g15g0mg340mg1g0g
Vita Coco - Coconut Water 11.1 oz, 0.5 container 11.oz308g0g0g0mg20mg8g0g
It Works Global - Greens, 2 scoops101g1g0g0mg10mg0g0g
Panera Breads - Bbq Chopped Chicken Salad (Half), 1/2 Portion - Pick 225025g11g16g35mg385mg8g3g
Panera Bread - Low Fat Garden Vegetable With Pesto Soup Pick Two, 10 oz10018g4g3g5mg620mg4g8g
Panera Bread - whole grain Baguette, 2.5 oz18036g1g6g0mg440mg0g1g
Herbalife - Protein Drink Mix - Vanilla Rs, 1.5 Tablespoons834g2g11g0mg255mg1g0g
Herbalife Healthy Meal Shake Mix - Nutritional Shake Mix 2 Scoop of Protein Powder, 21 g834g2g11g0mg255mg1g0g
Herbalife 24 - Prepare, 2 scoops608g0g0g0mg100mg0g0g
Kind Bar - Fruit & Nut Delight, 1 bar (40g)18020g11g5g0mg15mg11g4g
Usda - Apple, 1 medium (2-3/4" dia) (approx 3 per lb)7219g0g0g0mg1mg14g3g
Starbucks - Salted Carmel Mocha Nonfat W/ Whip Tall (From Website), 6 oz16028g5g5g15mg115mg25g1g
Graham Crackers Honey Maid - Graham Crackers, 2 crackers13024g3g2g0mg180mg8g1g
Circuit training, general30255
Stretching, hatha yoga13255

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