Monday, November 12, 2012

Manic Monday

Monday 11/12/12

Happy Veteran's Day!  It has been cold and wet all day here in Northern Ohio.  Usually I have this holiday off and I use it to get ahead on some Christmas shopping or ahead on some pre-holiday season rest.  Neither of those things did I get to do today.  This holiday was traded for a more valuable player.  We worked today so we can have Christmas Eve off this year.  I have mixed feelings about this change.  Honestly, I like working Christmas Eve.  It's usually a short day and it involves a potluck and very little actual work.  Today was a usual trip to Cleveland, without the workday traffic, since almost every government agency, financial institution, etc was closed today.  It's good though.  I love my girls at the prison.  And since there were no other services going on today there, I had a full house. 

What isn't too cool right now is this really irritating sore throat.  I am not sure if this is really going to develop into something or not but I sure wish it would decide to not develop into anything.  The cold front blew in today and tomorrow should be an interesting run.  I didn't get a chance to build a new playlist for this week yet either.  Maybe I can find time tomorrow to go through my library and put something together.  It will have to to be a bunch of power songs to push through this wanna be cold. 

I noticed that most of the leaves are gone off the trees now and the sky was heavy and gray today.  I thought to myself that we are now entering early winter.  I don't really mind winter.  In fact I have found myself enjoying winter more since I started running in cold weather.  The forecast for tomorrow is calling for a high temp of 40 degrees and only 5-7mph winds.  PERFECT for a midday run, as long as this sore throat doesn't threaten to ruin my good time. 

Today's workout at Extreme was seriously weak!  I barely broke 300calories.  I was feeling weak and tired this morning but I didn't quit.  I did what I could and felt good about finishing.  I taught a class tonight too but I did not really participate.  Every time I tried to bend over, my head threatened to explode into a mess of snot.  I demonstrated some things and stayed active walking around watching alignment and cuing corrections but did not really take part in the exercise portion of it.  I got  two hot yoga classes tomorrow which will help with my throat and head. 

So far, my body is holding up good, except for the head cold thing.  I am feeling good about all things marathon related today.

Preworkout: Coffee, 24Prepare
Postworkout: 1/2 banana, 24Rebuild Endurance
Breakfast: Protein smoothie with coconut water, 2 scoops PDM, 2 scoops It Works Greens, pineapple, 1/2 banana, blueberries.
Midmorning:  Peanuts, apple
Lunch: Herbalife plain vanilla shake with F1 and PDM
Afternoon:  tall salted carmel mocha with nonfat milk, lite greek yogurt, granola bar
Dinner: Leftover Vegetarian chili, crackers, raisin bread, candy cane oreos.

I tend to crave more carbs when I am running regularly.  I gotta get a handle on the kind of carbs a choose.

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