Saturday, November 3, 2012

Life, the Musical

Saturday 11/3/12

I had a somewhat unique opportunity today to spend some alone time at home without a list of at least a hundred things to do.  Well, actually there's always a list but I decided today I would ignore them for things that made me happy.  I got to go the the gym (yes, it was suppose to be a rest day but I went anyway).  I also got to spend some extended time talking to one of my favorite Herbalife folks, Tater.  Then I got to watch a few movies, work on my marathon vision board and finish a blanket I had been crocheting (since last winter).  The movies that I watched were the type of movies that I would get shit about from my husband.  I watched Rock of Ages.  If you have not heard of this movie, it is a musical based on 80's glam rock and ballads.  It stars Tom Cruise as a shirtless, tattooed, over the top, 80's rock star icon.  It was hilarious in a strangely nostalgic way.  I really wanted to bust out a can of Aqua Net, a Virgina Slim and maybe even a Bartel's and James wine cooler (black cherry flavored).  Anyway, I started thinking about how much fun musicals are and what what fun it would be if life were really a musical.  The boss is giving you a hard time and you break out into the chorus of "Take this Job and Shove It."  The kids don't wanna eat their vegetables and they start a choreographed song and dance on the dining room table to "We're Not Gonna Take It."  All the traffic opens up and you hit every light green and all of a sudden the people on the sidewalk are singing "Life Is A Highway" as you drive by.  I love music and I love choreographing my runs with songs that make me wanna keep striking the pavement and moving forward.  I am looking forward to adding a few new songs to my play list for next week.  This week my life will be a musical, if only in my own head.

Extreme Workout 61 minutes; 445 calories.

Breakfast:  Turtle Cheesecake Herbalife shake with 24 Rebuild Strength added and hot apple cider tea

Snack:  Cheez-Its

Lunch:  Lubia, chicken breast with hummus, leftover snackers and almond cheese

Snack:  Candy Corn (it's almost gone too)

Dinner:  (Sister-in-Laws birthday party) White chicken chili; pico-de galleo with whole wheat corn chips; corn bread; cake and ice cream; diet Pepsi.

Now I am sitting down with my husband to watch Captain America and enjoy a quiet evening at home.  It has been a good day, one that I am thankful for.  The alone time was a much needed reward and the family time was a much needed celebration.  I got a little bit of it all today.  A good day.  Now I will watch the movie and start a new project for the winter.

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