Friday, January 4, 2013

Starting out with a Bang

Thursday 1/3/13

So not comfortable with putting "13" for the year.  13 has always been thought of as an unlucky number.  Based on some of the current events making headlines one might think that unluck could be the theme for 2013.  I guess we'll see how lucky I will be or won't be next Thursday when I get the first paycheck of this year. 

I had my first personal training session with Lindsay last night and I can barely walk today!  In a good way of course.  She really knows how to show a girl a good time.  What she did last night was an endurance test that we will repeat at the end of my sessions to track my improvement.  Well let me tell you, I had no freaking idea that I could leg press 160 pounds.  I just never would have pushed myself to that level.  Which is exactly why I bought those sessions.  I want to be pushed to my limit.  I also registered for the Ultimate Body Challenge through the Michigan STS today.  It is a 12 week challenge to get me to my level 10.  I took measurements and and had a body scan.  Now I have a starting point and a new goal that is pushing me to make better choices, one day at a time. 

I did not do a short run today.  Too damn sore from personal training on Wednesday.  Wow, is my body gonna have to adjust to this quickly.  I'm sure it will.  Gonna shoot for a short run sometime tomorrow and then I only have a 6 mile run for this weekend.  It's a recovery week.  Thank God!  I am still feeling a little beat up.  I am now challenging myself in ways that I have not in the past.  My glutes and quads are screaming at me today.  I have to get one of those foam rollers but they scare me a little.  I think I'll go take a yoga class too.  That could be helpful.  Teaching yoga is cool but you can't get what you need out of giving others what they need. 

January 2, 2013

Coffee Mate French Vanilla Liquid - Coffee Creamer, 1 tbsp (15ml)355g2g0g0mg0mg5g0g
Herbalife Healthy Meal Shake W/ Van. Pdm - Blueberry Muffin, 16 oz.21518g1g17g0mg0mg0g5g
Herbalife - Nutter Butter Smoothie, 16 oz2260g0g20g0mg0mg0g0g
Nickels - 35 Calorie Wheat Bread, 2 Slices7017g1g4g0mg170mg2g4g
Sargento - Ultra Thin Slices - Mild Cheddar Cheese, 3 slices1301g11g8g30mg230mg0g0g
Campbells Select Healthy Request - Harvest Tomato Basil , 1 cup10022g0g3g0mg650mg15g2g
Milk - Nonfat (fat free or skim), 1 cup8612g0g8g5mg127mg0g0g
Kraft Foods - Nabisco - Ritz Crackers - Original, 5 Crackers (16g)8010g5g1g0mg105mg1g0g
Kirkland - Sea Salt Carmels, 1 pieces9515g5g1g5mg170mg11g0g
Biggby Coffee - Mocha Caramel W/Nonfat Milk, No Whip, 16 ounces23044g1g12g9mg266mg30g1g
Graham Crackers Honey Maid - Graham Crackers, 2 crackers13024g3g2g0mg180mg8g1g
Generic - Hot Tea Chamomile, 1 cup20g0g0g0mg2mg0g0g
Circuit training, general30657
Circuit training, general23931

January 3, 2013

Chinese - Green Tea, 4.5 oz00g0g0g0mg0mg0g0g
Generic - Banana , 100 grams8923g0g1g0mg1mg12g3g
Herbalife - Chocolate Carmel Cheesecake, 1 shake21018g4g24g0mg480mg12g0g
Herbalife Healthy Meal Shake W/ Van. Pdm - Blueberry Muffin, 16 oz.21518g1g17g0mg0mg0g5g
Chicken - Breast, meat only, cooked, roasted, 0.5 breast, bone and skin removed1420g3g27g73mg64mg0g0g
Kroger - Stir-Fry Vegetables With Rice, 1 1/2 cup14028g0g4g0mg30mg2g2g
La Choy - Soy Sauce, 2 tbsp202g0g2g0mg2,320mg0g0g
the Popcorn Factory - Popcorn Ball, 1 ball13027g2g1g0mg135mg18g1g
Kroger - Carb Smart--Yogurt White Chocolate Raspberry, 6 oz604g2g8g10mg90mg3g0g
Fruit - Apple Med, 1 medium (2-3/4" dia) (approx 3 per lb)7219g0g0g0mg1mg14g3g
Private Selection - Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, 25 grams301g0g6g15mg215mg1g0g
Graham Crackers Honey Maid - Graham Crackers, 4 crackers26048g6g4g0mg360mg16g2g
Circuit training, general41061

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