Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Then came the new year

Tuesday 1/1/13

Today is the first day of the new year and my wedding anniversary.  What an awesome day to celebrate new opportunities and a renewal of love.  I tend to be on the bah humbug side of most holidays.  I am not a fan of the ove rcommercialized Christian Holidays that make me feel like a slave to consumerism and indulgences.  I am not a fan of Halloween (my kids on candy = a bad, bad combination).  I am not a fan of Hallmark holidays that promote special days for romantic gestures.  They should be spontaneous and genuine.  I am a fan of the other government holidays that give me an extra day of recreation from my job (that I am not currently a fan of) and I am a fan of birthdays.  The day of your own personal celebration of life!  The day that God danced because you were born.  And lastly, I am a fan of New Year's Day.  A day of peace and rest.  A day to look to the future and make some plans, lists, and commitments.  So, that is kind of what I did.  I took some time to rest and recuperate as I considered what I want this year to become for me.  My theme this year has to include health, but also peace.  Peace of mind and spirit.  Things have definitely been a challenge over this last year and I am done with trying to fit the ideal that some people have for me.  I am my own person with my own ideas, feelings, and thoughts.  I do not need to apologize for who I am.  I also do not need to be disrespectful to anyone about who I am.  So those are on the top of my list this year.  Of course, finishing the marathon is at the top of the list as well.  But, as I read more about willpower I am learning that scientifically willpower is like a muscle and does get fatigued when we try to use it on too many things at one time.  Therefore, it is suggested that we focus on one thing at a time.  Maybe these are the two things to spend my time and energy on right now.  I also want to add other things to the Year Of Me (as a good friend put it on her FB page).  But first I will master being me and finishing what I started.

I ran in the Midnight Special 5K on New Year's Eve/Day.  It was my worst ever performance.  It's not that the weather was horrible either.  It was about 30 degrees and there was very little wind.  The path was snow covered and a bit icy underneath.  It was really hard to get my footing.  I also had trouble breathing.  I couldn't catch my breath and got dizzy several times.  It was just an all around bad run.  I guess sometimes you'll have that.  After the run, I thought I might be getting sick because I had this weird chest cough all the way home but I woke up okay tidat so I really don't know what it was.  I am just chalking that one up and I intend to move on and not dwell on one bad run.  I start my personal training sessions Tuesday and I am excited to add in some new challenges so I can begin to see some new results.  I did put on a few pounds over the holidays and am not really happy about the regression.  I am back on track and feeling better already.  I am so happy that those damn holidays only come once a year.

Monday night/Tuesday morning:  5K (3.1 miles) 38:38; 12:12 pace; 290's almost an embarrassment to post this most horrible performance but I promised I'd give you all the good and the bad.  So there it is.

January 1, 2013

Laurel's - Fresh Fruit Salad , 1 cup7012g0g5g0mg11mg5g2g
Homemade - Sausage Egg Bread Cheese Breakfast Casserole, 0.5 cups1114g8g6g74mg210mg0g0g
Coffee Mate French Vanilla Liquid - Coffee Creamer, 1 tbsp (15ml)355g2g0g0mg0mg5g0g
Tostitos - Scoops! (Stone-Ground White Corn), 1 oz (28g/About 13 chips)14019g7g2g0mg120mg0g2g
Jack's - Special Medium Salsa, 2 tbsp102g0g0g0mg149mg2g0g
Kirkland - Sea Salt Carmels, 1 pieces9515g5g1g5mg170mg11g0g
Vlasic - Sour Kraut, 1 cup200g0g0g0mg0mg0g0g
Spare Ribs - Bone- In - Country Style Pork Spare Ribs (Bone-In), 5 oz.1892g12g19g74mg63mg0g0g
Red Lobster - Mashed Potatoes, 1/4 portion10514g5g3g0mg310mg0g0g
Burger's Smokehouse - Baked Beans, 1/2 cup17029g3g6g5mg430mg14g5g
Homemade - Red Velvet Cake With Buttercream Frosting, 1 slice32455g10g4g16mg249mg44g1g
Stacy's Pita Chips - Simply Gingerbread, 7 chips14019g5g2g0mg90mg6g0g

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