Monday, December 24, 2012

'Twas the Week Before Christmas...

Thursday 12/20/12

...and all through the town, all the people were stirring and running about! Not really knowing where they are heading or what they are doing, they let out a big shout. Shouting at clerks, family and strangers. They have no idea how this could put them in danger!

So, you see, I have not blogged all week.  I would like to say that it was because of Christmas preparations but really I don't like Christmas that much and completed most of my shopping and decorating several weeks ago.  However, I have been busy...eating!  Yes, eating. Everything and anything.  The Christmas holiday certainly brings out the glutton in me.  I stopped tracking what was going into my mouth because it was not going to stop me in any case and because it just looked pretty ugly.  What I did do though was stay on target with my workouts this week and I bought some personal training sessions to begin on January 2nd.  I am going to take 2013 by storm but for the next couple of days I am going to eat, drink and attempt to be merry. 

I have lived in Toledo for nearly 4 years and have made some friends but this year has found me  making some deeper connections with people, particularly from my gym.  These have been the best friendships I have made, in my opinion.  They are the people who encourage me to be my best everyday and yet they still know how to have a good time.  I am grateful to have the caliber of friends that I do today.  I am looking forward to deepening those friendships  this next year too.  I am hoping to find time to arrange a biweekly or monthly women's get together to promote healthy living.  My vision is to share successes, failures, recipes, etc in an informal meeting either at someone's home or at a public venue like a coffee/tea house or other health conscious food business. 

I had so many opportunities for topics this week but am falling short on just about everything right now.  I have been so busy today tying up all of the loose ends before the kids returned from their dad's that now, at 8:17pm, I am a bit of coma toast, it seems.  I am definitely ready to end this holiday season and get back to the regularly scheduled program.  I have some ideas to take things to a "level 10" in the new year and I am excited to share more details with you, when I understand them all. 

I did train this week.  Running my regular 3 miles on Tuesday.  I missed a short run on Thursday.  It seems that the winter monsoons rolled into to Toledo on Thursday.  I took the day off of work to complete housework that I couldn't get done otherwise so there was a level of working out there.  Just no running that day.  I got a long run in on Sunday, 10 miles to be exact.  Surprisingly, I felt good till the last 2 miles and even then it was a struggle but not impossibly so.  I actually felt pretty good afterwards and was able to get to the gym this morning with very little difficulty.  I know as the mileage starts to increase the recovery time will be more imperative.  For now, I seem to be handling it all really well physically.  Mentally, I might be trying to doubt myself a little bit but I am talking back to that doubt and pushing myself to the next level.  I know I can do this.  I have accomplished so much in my life and overcome things that most people couldn't or wouldn't.  These are things that keep me moving toward my goals.

Tuesday:  3.03miles;29:40; 9:47pace; 292calories
Thursday:  called on account of rain'
Sunday: 10miles; 1:53:12; 11:19pace; 936calories

I also managed to get in 6 Extreme Results classes and 3 yoga classes.  This was good due to the 1,475,298 calories (approximation) that I ate this week.  I am cutting myself some slack, gonna finish out the year with little or no comprehension of calories consumed but then on January'll be donkey kong!

Have a very Merry Christmas and don't worry about how far off the food wagon you fall this week.  Just remember to enjoy every morsel and know that the theme for 2013 is "No mercy and no giving up."

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